Create, filter, segment and link multiple Audiences with all your Ad accounts just in a few clicks.
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New Feature: Keep your work in check. Set budgets and track your team’s progress on job with project.
icn-fire Audience Management
Optimize your time by uploading your custom audiences to your ad networks with just one click. Rather than manually filtering and uploading CSVs to Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, you can now use SegAudience.
icn-ok SegAudience Platform gives you full control, flexibility, and transparency on audience creation.
Import or upload your contact list to SegAudience. Specify and split to the several audiences that group your users based on their preferences, events, page views etc. using filters and send these audiences to any/multiple ad networks you have connected.
icn-feature-2 Accurate target audience

You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and resources into creating a website. Now ensure you’re targeting and reaching the right audience.

icn-feature-1 Technical support

From simple, per-incident based support up to complex support tiers that include remote troubleshooting, on-site training and on-site consulting

icn-feature-3 GDPR compliant

From day one, our primary goal has been not only to offer you the best platform on the market, but also to keep your data safe during the process.

3 Steps to better audience
1 Import or upload your clients list just once to later share your audiences with all your ad accounts.
2 Apply filters to sort out users you need or to create several specific audiences.
3 Monitor audience performance statistics from all ad accounts gathered in one place
icn-integ Integrations with most popular advertising networks
SegAudience Platform integrated with various advertising networks including search engines letting create marketing campaigns using custom audiences and such social networks as Facebook and LinkedIn. integrations

Get much more flexible by API integrating with both advertising platforms and your own system.


Regardless you a marketing agency, data provider or an advertiser - you can take advantage of using SegAudience service.


Segmentation filters are adapted to the users data and let you configure the final audience for the best result.

Save your time with intuitive application API Use a flexible system of managing audiences and user lists in your application with the SegAudience API. Your application will have access to all the functionality and logic you configure in SegAudience.